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May 1, 2017

Sulfur Dioxide Workshop at Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery Educates Winemakers


CARROLL, Iowa (April 2017) - Iowa State University’s Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute recently presented a workshop on Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) management at Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery in Carroll. For those that may not be aware, SO2 is a key ingredient that is used as a preservative in winemaking. Santa Maria, a producer of nationally recognized award-winning wines, scheduled the workshop as part of their ongoing dedication to winemaking and general wine education. 


“It’s critical to monitor sulfur dioxide levels in winemaking,” said Field Specialist Jennie Savits, of the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute. “The workshop covered how to add the least amount you need in the most efficient way possible.” SO2 has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that help delay wine spoilage. Without the use of SO2, most wines could not be stored more than a few months without degrading.


The recent workshop was geared specifically for commercial winemakers, Savits said. The presentation included tips for best SO2 management practices. In addition, laboratory testing taught attendees how to measure free sulfur dioxide, which is one of three forms of SO2 in wine - and the form that is the key to wine preservation. Individuals attending the workshop were encouraged by Savits to bring their own wine samples for testing during the demonstrations.


“Staying on top of our use of sulfur dioxide is something we revisit regularly,” said Rose Guinan, who is a co-owner of Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery along with her husband, John. “It’s a necessary part of the winemaking process, and it’s just as important as any other portion of the process. We continue to remain diligent in our processes and wanted to bring this educational workshop to Carroll.”


The Guinans and their Winemaker and Cellar Master Sean Drumheller represented Santa Maria during the sulfur dioxide workshop, which was attended by representatives from several area winemakers.


Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery has more than a dozen years of winemaking experience and has been repeatedly recognized by the industry as a producer of high-quality, award-winning wines.

Santa Maria’s full-service, Tuscan-style restaurant and events center has been called a ‘must see’ attraction of the Midwest.


For more information about Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery, please visit the official website at or engage with the company on Facebook at

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