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Vineyard Gallery

Amidst the rolling hills of corn and soybeans, Santa Maria's scenic vineyard lies in the small town of Willey, IA. Here, we grow four cold-hardy varieties: Edelweiss, Brianna, Frontenac and St. Croix.  In addition to the grapes from Santa Maria's own 6 acres, our wines are made from those of several other growers in the area. Our vineyard sits next to St. Mary's Church, Santa Maria's namesake. 

Renovation Gallery

In 1913, at the height of the model T era, Swaney Auto Co. built an assembly building, showroom, and later a gas station and repair shop, off the new Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway) that passed through Carroll. In 2008, John and Rose Guinan bought the property with the intention of renovating this historical building and turning it into a winery. Today wine lovers from all across the US can taste locally made Iowa wines in the heart of Carroll.

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