Fruit Wines

Made of the finest fruits, from rhubarb, cherry or plum, to apple, peach or blackberry, our fruit wines are bursting with flavor!

Rhuby Dooby is nothing like the little tart she is known for. Sweet and full of delicious rhubarb and strawberry notes that won't make you pucker, Rhuby leaves you longing for more!

Delightfully refreshing, this delicious wine is bursting with the "just-picked" flavor of sun-ripened peaches. Wonderful by itself, with fruity desserts, or tantalizing in a Wine-A-Rita. Double Gold Medal Winner Finger Lakes Int'l Wine Competition Silver Medal Winner MidAmerican Wine Competition

Eve’s End is a sweet apple wine highlighted with a delicious hint of cinnamon. A sinfully smooth expression of forbidden fruit.

Step right up and prepare to taste pure magic in a bottle! This tickling treat of tricks on the tongue showcases a parade of pleasing sweetness, a pop of tartness, and a delicious cranberry zing for the final Ta-Da!

Plush Luscious Plum Wine is delightfully noted for its perfect balance of smooth and fruity sweetness, with a hint of tartness. Enjoy it chilled, on the rocks, or as an accompaniment to oriental and western dishes.

BADA BING!..Bada-Bang! Summer-time bing cherries fermented and aged in our stainless steel barrels. A medium-bodied treasure.

Our sweet My Blackberry wine captures the smooth & lively taste of the rich, dark blackberry fruit. Full-bodied with a jammy yet clean, full-fruit finish.