White Wines

Santa Maria’s white wines boast refreshing fruit flavors for every sweetness preference, from our award-winning dry Pinot Grigio to the perfectly sweet Vin Lizzie made from Iowa Edelweiss.





Sassy Chassis will take your palate for a spin as delicate flavors of freshly picked peaches, sun-ripened apricots and sweet pears race towards a crisp, clean finish. A winner on its own, this refreshingly sweet white wine also pairs well with soft-ripened cheese and spicy dishes. Serve chilled.

Let Backseat Blush put the color in your cheeks and a twinkle in your eye! Enticing tropical fruit flavors and delicate peach aromas rumble with lively acids and brilliant balance.Pair this sweet white wine with spicy foods or medium flavored cheese. Serve chilled.

Named after the popular nickname, "Tin Lizzie," this German-style sweet white wine kick-starts the senses with a fusion of tropical fruit flavors. Delicate aromas of orchard fresh peaches edge out hints of apricot and pineapple by a nose. Vin Lizzie is fabulous as a sipping wine or paired with spicy foods and blue veined cheese. Serve chilled.

Sweet Willey is a blush wine with tangy charm! A bouquet of fresh floral aromas, white fruit flavors and a delightful kick on the finish. Great with spicy food and friends! Silver Medal Winner MidAmerican Wine Competition Silver Medal Winner Iowa State Fair Wine Competition